kSearch massive full-text retrieval system

Product introduction: kSearch massive full-text information retrieval system is a massive Chinese unstructured and structured information retrieval and management system.


Product function:

Main functions of kSearch massive full-text information retrieval system:
* Chinese full-text retrieval: In addition to the regular Chinese texts, it can also process unstructured data, such as HTML, Word and PDF; Conduct incremental indexing.
* Search for inquiry: sort search results, grouped by field, search in results.
* Chinese word segmentation: High-speed Chinese word segmentation ability; multi-word processor analysis mode, support English letters, numbers, Chinese vocabulary and other word processing; Support user dictionary, and GB2132, GBK, UTF-8 and other encoding formats.


Product features:

Efficient, accurate and massive full-text information retrieval management.
* Efficient and accurate full-text retrieval;
* Massive structured and unstructured data management;
* Combine the full-text indexing technology with the relational database technology.