Content editing and publishing platform

Product introduction: KLAND-Edit&Publish content editing and publishing platform is a content walkthrough, editing, auditing and publishing system. It is used to batch examine, edit, modify and audit the information collected externally and edited internally. Then it can be batch-stored in database or formatted and exported to XML file for website publishing or search engine retrieval.


Product function: Main functions of KLAND-Edit&Publish content editing and publishing platform:
       * Batch walkthrough of the external acquisition information;
       * Editing and modification of the content;
       * Auditing of the content;
       * Editing of the news;
       * Editing and publishing of the comments.


Product features: Flexible and convenient content editing style processing and process control.
       * Process multiple data sources: Network acquisition, internal solicit contribution, a variety of content sources edited and created for editing and publishing;
       * Flexibly define the editing and auditing process;
       * Diverse publishing formats: database, XML.