Company profile

1. Beijing kLand Network Technology Co., Ltd.

kLand, provider of big data IT services and contents.

Mainly focus on big data processing and mobile Internet applications, Internet knowledge database as well as development and services of enterprise knowledge management and other aspects.

Today, Internet applications have penetrated into ordinary people's lives. With the rise of the new generation, the future social life and business competition will mainly take place on the Internet; the in-depth understanding of the Internet culture and the timely capture and application of the most advanced technologies of the Internet will lay a foundation for your core competitiveness in the future.

Based on deep industry accumulation and technical expertise, kLand gathers network technology and operation talents both at home and abroad, providing personalized design and solutions for knowledge-based institutes based on the deep understanding of Internet culture and the keen capture of the cutting-edge technologies of the Internet.

2. Company's core technical team

The technical team has a wealth of experience and accumulation of big data and Internet IT project development and research. Core team members have been working together for more than 10 years and have established a good on-the-job training system to cultivate and build the technology echelon.

3. Successful cases

Implemented cases include the China online legal information database platform and Hong Kong online legal information database platform of an international professional publishing group, the market intelligence system of XX institution in China, the internet public opinion monitoring platform of a government department in China, the factory 3D VR system of a group in Australia, intelligent building products of an enterprise in Japan, etc. Distributed in law, publishing, education, high-tech and other knowledge-based industries, and constructed system services serve Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other places speaking Chinese, as well as the United States, Europe, Australia, Japan and other countries.

4. Products

kLand has successfully researched and developed a series of products on big data and the Internet. Main products are:

1) kDigger,internet public opinion monitoring platform

2) kSearch,massive data full-text retrieval system

3) kDoc,enterprise knowledge management system

5. Solutions

We focus on the intellectual industry (information services, cultural publishing, consulting services and education and training) and serve various kinds of knowledge-based institutes at all levels to become the best knowledge-based internet solution provider in China.

(I) From the perspective of the end user, our solutions are:

1) Information services and cultural publishing:

- Online knowledge database solutions

- News editing solutions

- Journal App solutions

2) Consulting and education and training:

- Internet public opinion monitoring solutions

- E-journal solutions

- Long SMS/MMS notification solutions

3) Law/ finance and taxation firm:

- Knowledge document management solutions

4) General

- Vertical search engine solutions

- Portal website construction and transformation solutions

- e-Marketing support tool solutions

(II) From the perspective of IT integrators, our solutions include:

1) Web data grabber solutions

- Government website acquisition solutions

- News website acquisition solutions

- Blog BBS acquisition solutions

- Microblog acquisition solutions

- WeChat public subscription account acquisition solutions

2) Data mining solutions

- Webpage data processing solutions

- E-book data processing solutions

- Text data clustering and classification solutions

3) Full-text search solutions

- Lucene/Solr indexing and search solutions

4) App solutions

5) Hadoopdistributed data processing and service solutions

(III) From the perspective of data integrators, our solutions include:

1) Industry network intelligence integration interface