Vertical search engine solutions


      Industry associations, organizations, government departments and industry information providers build the industry information base, and provide inquiry and search services for member units and the public through the portal website or client software.


Solution contents:

Industry Internet information real-time gathering and search

Product Catalog/Enterprise News/News/Laws and Regulations/Market Analysis/ Industry Vertical Search Engine Solutions


       〇 Focus: Focus on one industry (such as the semiconductor industry, the medical industry) or an area (such as laws and regulations)

       〇 Comprehensiveness: Gather comprehensive information for the area it focuses on

       〇 Timely service: Automatically acquire real-time and updated information by the information database through the customized collector

       〇 Precision: Extract precisely unstructured key text and data information from webpages through the rule base

       〇 Thoroughness: Conduct in-depth data mining and processing of the collected information, and establish the association.


       〇 Information source

               - Internet webpages, internal electronic documents and databases

               - Update settings: Not limited, according to the needs and network bandwidth, the update time can be set up from 2 minutes to 24 hours

       〇 Quality of the information base

               - Texts: such as the title, publisher, release time, effective time, product description and other accurately extracted metadata

               - Data: such as product parameters, models, prices and other accurate extraction

               - Correlation: Establish interrelated data in the information base

       〇 Search service

               - Database-level accurate metadata inquiry and full-text search

               - Sorting of search results, full-text formatted independent display

               - Customized inquiry, new news alert and pushing of emails or SMS

Scheme implementation:

       〇 System construction methods

               - Customized development

               - Overall solution, or part functional modules

       〇 Operating environment

               - An acquisition server, PC-level server

               - A Web server, PC server (2M bandwidth)

               - A file server, PC-level server

               - A backup server, PC-level server

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