Enterprise website portal transformation solutions

Abstract: Help the enterprise to upgrade and transform the original image of the website, making it an enterprise portal or industry portal to increase visits to the website and increase the revenue through the website.


Solution contents:

Rich website information
       * Through network acquisition, establish the industry-related information base (see the KLAND-Spider network information resources acquisition system in the column of products and services);
       * Website news editing system: editing and release of enterprise news and announcements; Real-time acquisition and release of news on the Internet.

Increased website interaction
       * Website Q&A system: Q&A of frequently asked questions about related services, products, etc. of enterprises;
       * Establishment of the online customer service system: Visitors can timely communication with and consult customer service or sales staff through the website;
       * BBS, Blog, microblog.

Website optimization
       * Key word optimization;
       * Website map;
       * Site link navigation optimization;
       * Site search engine;
       * Site indexing of massive information;
       * WEB site search.

Website promotion
       * Be able to choose functions from network promotion solutions.

Solution implementation: According to function requirements of the transformation, the implementation time is from 2 months to 12 months. In the early period of implementation, it is necessary to communicate with customers on website marketing objectives and basic functions; In the later period of implementation, need to communicate with and train marketing customer in terms of network marketing.