Enterprise competitive intelligence solutions

Abstract: This is an enterprise competitive intelligence system, which collects, processes, analyzes, stores, and releases enterprise competitive environment intelligence from the Internet automatically. It is mainly used to track the industry information and changes and analyze and track competitors' capabilities and trends.

Collect and analyze competitive intelligence on the Internet through intelligence orientation, acquisition and analysis. Through the intelligence service system, intelligence is retrieved and displayed online, and pushed to intelligence users through EMAIL, SMS and other means.


Solution contents:

Intelligence positioning
       * Intelligence navigation: Designate the website channel, agencies and types of intelligence, or industries, regions, etc.;
       * Intelligence metadata definition: Used to extract key words, numbers, etc. that you are interested;
       * Provide visual acquisition task configuration tools, so that users can add acquisition tasks at any time by themselves.

Intelligence acquisition
       * Automatic acquisition of new information on the target website (time interval can be set up, a minimum of 1 minute);
       * Support a variety of forms of webpages: Static webpages, dynamic webpages, document webpages (Word, EXCEL, PDF, etc.);
       * Support turning navigation and content pages;
       * Support the acquisition of embedded tables;
       * Support annex acquisition and analysis of articles (Word, EXCEL, PDF, etc.);
       * Acquisition of metadata automatic test of analysis results;
       * Removal of repeated acquisition results.

Intelligence analysis and editing
       * Intelligence classification;
       * Intelligence history;
       * Designate the analysis and statistics of intelligence metadata;
       * The acquired intelligence can be walked through, screened, edited, modified, abstracted and released to different targets after delivered to the base.

Intelligence release
       * New intelligence reminding function (email, SMS, etc.);
       * Online intelligence display and retrieval;
       * Intelligence analysis report.

Solution implementation: According to the scope of enterprise competitive intelligence and the definition of metadata, the implementation time is from 2 months to 6 months.