e-Marketing BOT Service

Product introduction: The KLAND-SEM Service BOT Network Marketing BOT service is to offer network marketing service to the operator of enterprise portals or industry portal websites based on portal websites by using the BOT method. The KLAND-SEM Service BOT Network Marketing BOT service aims to help the enterprise operate the website for a while after helping them build the portal website under the vision of "helping the customer mount on the horse and escorting them for a distance" and transfer the whole website and the well-trained and well-practiced network marketing to the customer.


Product function:

The main contents of the KLAND-SMO Service BOT Network Marketing BOT service include: 
 * Build
   Build an enterprise website portal, or
   Transform the original corporate image website into a portal;
   Establish a system platform for network marketing;
 * Operate
   Network promotion;
   Customer service system;
   Website content updating and editing;
 * Transfer
   Website transfer: A portal website with a certain amount of traffic and normal online customer service system will drive an enterprise's business revenue going up through the internet.
   Team transfer: Include the edit team, the network marketing team and the customer service team.


Product features: Turnkey-based one-stop service.