Enterprise search engine solutions

       Provide search, retrieval and navigation of massive information for enterprise portals through KLAND-Search website search engine, KLAND-iBase massive full-text information retrieval system and KLAND-DMS document management system. The information searched for is structured and unstructured information collected by the enterprises or websites, including documents (webpages, Office documents, PDF documents, etc.), databases, etc.

      Features: Full-text retrieval combined with database inquiry, massive information processing.

Solution contents:

  1. Chinese full-text search;
  2. Support processing of Word, Excel, PDF and other documents;
  3. Support database retrieval;
  4. Select and search by category;
  5. Highlight the searched the keyword;
  6. Website group search;
  7. Customizable sorting of search results.

Solution implementation:

      In the early period of the implementation of the solution, we need to analyze enterprise portal information and data formats; Based on the scale of retrieval and the type of data source, the implementation time is from 3 months to 6 months.