kDigger, Internet public opinion monitoring system

Internet public opinion/policy/market intelligence/competition analysis
Industry Network Public Opinion and Market Intelligence Solutions during the Big Data Era

kDigger, Internet Public Opinion Monitoring System

Focus · Comprehensiveness · Timely Service · Precision · Thoroughness

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Government department: Internet public opinion collection and monitoring by public service administrative departments;
Institutional units: Collection and monitoring of internet public opinions, market intelligence and peer intelligence by enterprise units.
  • Focus: Focus on the industry
  • Comprehensiveness: Gather comprehensive information, including the press/radio and television/news of portal website and BBS/post bar, microblog, etc.
  • Timely service: Automatically acquire real-time and updated information by the information base through the customized collector
  • Precision: Identify custom subjects precisely and intelligently to filter information related to me
  • Thoroughness: Conduct in-depth data mining and processing of the collected information, and establish the classification and association.
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  • Information source
    • Internet webpages, blogs, BBS and microblog
    • Update Frequency: It can be set from 2 minutes to 24 hours.
  • Application of intelligence
    • Website: Display internet public opinions on portal website
    • Briefing report: Sent regularly public opinion briefing via email (weekly)
    • Phone: Read public opinions in fragmented time through mobile apps
  • System construction method
    • Customized development
    • Whole solution, or part functional modules
  • System operation environment
    • An acquisition server, PC-level server
    • An application server, PC-level server (4M bandwidth)
    • A file server, PC-level server
    • A backup server, PC-level server
  • Construction samples reference
    • Internet public opinion monitoring system for XXXXX government department
    • Market intelligence system for XXXXX organization

Successful cases: Internet public opinion monitoring system for a government department

1.Automatic monitoring has been made available in 854 main units affiliated to the government department.

2.Whole internet monitoring, including the press/ radio and television / portals, BBS, and microblog

3.Multidimensional retrospective analysis

4.Automatic generation of public opinion statistics briefing (weekly)

Successful cases: Internet public opinion monitoring system for XX institution

1.Automatic monitoring of news, BBS and microblog

2.Gathering policies and regulations in real-time

3.Classification navigation of public opinion information

4.Peer intelligence comparison and reference