e-Learning system

Product introduction: The KLAND-LMS Learning Management System is a web-based online learning management system.


Product function:

The main functions of the KLAND-LMS learning management system are:
 * Online course management, including presentation modes, classification modes, course selection, search, etc.:
   Choose the format of a course, such as weekly format, theme format, or social interaction mode;
   Course activity configurations - forums, test, resources, voting, questionnaires, assignments, chat rooms, etc.
 * Online test management;
 * Learning resources management, management of various forms of learning resources, including document resource base, online test base, case base, video base, etc.;
 * Learning community management, management of online learning exchange sites, including learning communities, thematic forums, chat rooms, blogs, etc.;
 * Organization structure management, management of the corresponding relationships between organizational structure and learning, including personnel learning management under the organizational structure of levels, matrices and functions;


Product features: It is simple, compact, efficient and compatible; it is fit for 100% suitable online courses and can also be used as a supplement to traditional courses.