Web news editing system

Product introduction: KLAND-News network news editing system is a network news tracking, acquisition and supporting editing, and publishing system. It is mainly used for the enterprise institutes to gather the news on network channels that they are interested to browse, the notice and policy release of the government agencies, and publish them through the website after being appropriately edited or abstracted, or passed through


Product function: The main functions of KLAND-News network news editing system: According to the navigation configuration of the user-defined website column, regularly, automatically and accurately extract news or articles in the target network media column and transform them into structured records (title, author, source, classification, release time, acquisition time, content, the relevant attachment pictures, etc.); At the same time, the system also provides editing tools to assist in the extracting, summarizing and editing of news; Data acquired and edited are saved in a local database for internal use in the enterprise, released on the Internet and pushed to the customized customers by EMAIL.


Product features: Flexible acquisition methods, automatic incremental acquisition, diverse sources of acquisition and accurate data acquisition.
       *Automatic acquisition of new information on the target website (time interval can be set up, a minimum of 1 minute);
       *New information reminding function (email, SMS, etc.);
       *Support a variety of forms of webpages: Static webpages, dynamic webpages, document webpages (Word, EXCEL, PDF, etc.);
       *Support turning navigation and content pages;
       *Support the acquisition of embedded tables;
       *Support annex acquisition and analysis of articles (Word, EXCEL, PDF, etc.);
       *Acquisition of metadata automatic test of analysis results;
       *Removal of repeated acquisition results.