Company philosophy

Mission and value

kLand, service everywhere.

kLand, loyal technical supporter for online competition of knowledge-based institutes.

Company logo


K, Chinese pronounce kě, 可,it is the original text of Chinese SING(歌), compound ideograph, indicating playing before God with singing and dancing;

K, Knowledge; King, the first; Through the core competitiveness, become the leader in the industry;

K, A handwriting Chinese text as the logo of kLand, looks like a bent man with a tool in hand(Respect、Innovation、Value, bending over to bow shows respect, work to create value, innovate on a down-to-earth basis), serve customers and society through superior and innovative technological tools and business models

Social responsibilities

As a corporate citizen, kLand endeavors to build corporate culture while serving its customers to achieve reasonable profits. It also rewards families and society through personal behaviors of employees and social behaviors of enterprises.

Business philosophy

Create Value for Customers, Bring Benefits for Company, Expand Opportunities for Employees and Realize Development for Society.

We need to analyze and check on customer demands, and if we can create value, we must completely achieve it in accordance with the requirements of customers; we need to seriously investigate, analyze and research what customers cannot delivery and propose optional Internet solutions for customers to choose from. Only by creating value for customers who obtain benefits through our services can we survive and develop and reflect our value.

Development strategies

Focus on big data and Internet and serve in industry of information technology, publishing, culture, education, consulting, high-tech and other knowledge-based institutes to become the best innovative IT service, content operator and integrated service provider on big data and its applications in China.

Talent concept

Corporate value is created by all employees who reflect the company's value through excellent completion of work. Every employee is the main body of the company and the creator of value. The company is a platform that embodies the efforts and trust of all employees who are the executors and hope for the company to realize its strategy. Therefore, our talent concept is: in kLand, everyone is the creator of value and the company's precious wealth.

Core value

Responsibility, innovation, learning and opening up

Enterprise culture

1) Rigorous, professional, confident --- I can do.

2) Open, inclusive, share --- I can share.

3) Learn, change and innovate ---I can change.